We're going to have to wait until season three of The Walking Dead TV show to see the zombie-filled prison. But if you're near Nashville, you can visit the Tennessee State Prison, an abandoned penitentiary. It looks like the zombies got to it first.

Even before it fell into decay, this prison suffered plenty of woes at the hands of its prisoners. In 1902, a group of prisoners blew out a wing of the facility, killing one prisoner and allowing others to escape (two were never recaptured). In 1907, another group busted down the front gate with a stolen switch engine, and in 1938, they staged a mass escape. In later years, it was plagued by fires and riots, and it was finally shut down in 1992.


Its post-penitentiary years were a bit happier, as it served as a filming location for The Green Mile, The Last Castle, Ernest Goes to Jail, and several other movies and shows. Perhaps it would make a nice spot for The Walking Dead's film crew.

All photos by imgur user DaltonSupertramp.

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