The original Star Trek pilot, "The Cage," included a lot more of the scenes where Vina is turned into a green Orion slavegirl who dances for Captain Pike — but they were cut because they were too saucy for prime time television. Now, some rare Trek behind-the-scenes pictures include a brand new look at the unshown parts of Vina's dance sequence.

Including a part where the poor slavegirl gets whipped. Turns out being an Orion slavegirl isn't all dancing and quoting poetry.

Tom Redlaw, aka Bird of the Galaxy, has collected tons and tons of behind-the-scenes Star Trek images and rare frames from the show. These were sold as 35 mm film cells at conventions and via mail order through Lincoln Enterprises, a company run by Gene Roddenberry and his wife, Majel Barrett. And now, Redlaw has been scanning and restoring these rare images and posting them on his Flickr page.

Talking to What Culture, Redlaw explains:

In the early 1970s the first Star Trek conventions happened in New York. Those, plus the original Lincoln Enterprises catalogs (you received them when you wrote to Gene Rodenberry or NBC executives) were what started me buying these. Recall, there were no VCRs, DVDs, internet. So being able to project these little slides was as close to on demand Trek images as you could get in those days. And, it was a glorious exercise trying to find your favorites. By 1975 I think I had around 2000 of these things, I guess that was the collection and really what I stopped at for 30 years. Then, one day I bought a slide and negative scanner to restore some of my own 35mm photography and just to test it out I put a scratched and red faded film clip of the Doomsday Machine into it, and I was astounded at the result. A little bit of photoshop work later and I was hooked.


Below are some of our favorite images from Redlaw's collection — dozens more are available on his Flickr page.

Part of Vina's unshown dance sequence from "The Cage"


Vina from "The Cage"

Vina gets whipped, from unshown "The Cage" sequence.


Romulan Commander blows a kiss — unused shot from "The Enterprise Incident"

Gorn costume without his tunic, showing the breathing holes.


Blooper from "Patterns of Force".

Unused effects shot of the shuttlecraft on fire in the atmosphere in "Galileo Seven"


Unused shot of the humanoid aliens that attack in "Galileo Seven"


Unused transporter effect from "The Cage"

Tholian head without foil background


Gary Mitchell gets zapped in "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Close-up of saucer section in the pilot.


Spock reads about Dr. Spock's arrest for supporting draft dodgers in the Vietnam War.

You can see the wooden floorboards on the Enterprise bridge here (bottom left.)


A Mugatu gets a little too friendly with Kirk