One of the coolest things about Star Wars is the huge widescreen combat, especially in the original trilogy. The battles of Yavin and Hoth are mentioned in the same breath as Helms Deep and Wolf 359, when people talk about huge epic struggles.

And now there's a new book focusing on the saga's battle tactics: Star Wars: Essential Guide to Warfare by Jason Fry and Paul Urquhart. It comes out April 3, but we've got an exclusive gallery of some of the book's beautiful artwork right here.

Top image: The Battle of Coruscant by Dave Seeley.

Anakin Skywalker earns his wings above Naboo by John VanFleet.


Anakin Skywalker and his new padawan Ahsoka Tano work to lift the siege of Christophsis by Paul Youll.

Imperial Army Stormtroopers prepare to defend their position on a backwater world by Chris Scalf.


Two female Stormtroopers suit up for patrol by Drew Baker.


Darth Vader and his 501st Legion battle Jedi on the planet Kashyyyk by Dave Seeley.

Rebel troops retreat from the Imperial onslaught by Bruno Werneck.


A view from the hot seat as a TIE fighter pilot weaves through the Battle of Tingle Deepspace Besh by Darren Tan.

Ewoks at the Battle of Endor by Chris Scalf.


The aftermath of the destruction of the second Death Star by Stephan Martiniere.

Confederate Alliance forces led by the Jedi in their Stealth-X fighters and Wookiees in their Owool Interceptors defend the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk from Darth Caedus and his Republic forces led by the Star Destroyer Anakin Solo by Darren Tan.


And here's the book cover!