Hollywood's latest Dr. Seuss movie adaptation, The Lorax, has been accused of brain washing our kids against capitalism and later put the Lorax himself to work peddling SUVs. Hollywood didn't just miss the point of The Lorax, they lit his mustache on fire just to watch the yellow fellow burn. Then again, it's kind of fun to imagine just how bad/awesome it could get.

We commissioned an artist to remake a collection of beloved Seuss covers to take the guesswork out of future Hollywood Dr. Seuss desecration endeavors. Enjoy!

Thanks to the amazing and insanely talented artist DrFaustusAU, creator of the Dr. Seuss The Call of Cthulu collection, we now have 5 Seuss titles ripe for tinsel town! Zac Efron is attached to each project.


Green Eggs and Ham is People

In the future world Government Sam.I.Am. is force-feeding the world people! It's people we tell you, people!


Oh the Re-Education Centers You'll Go

How a palette of pastels and twirling spirals can turn even the sweetest citizens into assassins.


The Low Fat Substitute Dairy Spread Battle Book

Butter being such a confrontational topic these days (and not very sexy), we PC-ed the whole thing so people of all diets could enjoy the Battle.


Yertle The Turtle's Habitat Was Destroyed By Global Warming

How Yertle's vanity destroyed our world.


One Fish, Two Fish, Undead Blue Fish

Zombie fish — it's a statement on capitalism, obviously. With a clear nod to George A. Romero's blue hued members of the undead (as noted by our brilliant artist). Aw crap, now we kind of want to see fish zombies.

To see more of DrFaustusAU's work, head over to his DeviantArt page!

Could it get any worse? We leave it in your hands. Anyone up for a Show Me On The Doll Where You Hopped On Pop: Dr. Seuss SVU translation?