At first, it seemed like Being Human was dragging a little bit last night. Things weren't matching up quite right, jokes weren't hitting (one Google maps quip hit the floor like a wet sack of cats). But then wizz, bang, ba-da boom โ€” Being Human grabbed our ears and hissed, "Pay Attention You!" And we did. This is why.

So after a lot of talking about our feelings, we learned two important things. Aidan can, and will, gain emotional attachment to any character for plot reasons. OK sure fine. So for some reason, Aidan is desperate to find the cop that the Vampire Princess sired, who helped Josh cover up his werewolf girlfriend's murder (did you follow all that?) It doesn't make that much sense, given that Aidan was against having this lady in his new crew from the get go, but perhaps that is what this whole episode was about. Life is life, no matter how monstrous.


The other lesson we learned was that Nora (Josh's werewolf girlfriend) is an actual monster. If you cut her open her insides would look like the Ghost of Christmas Past from Scrooged. Now that she's been a werewolf for a few months, she's completely at peace with murder. This coming from a doctor. Nora doesn't even really seem interested in having Josh stick around with her. Instead, she wants to hang with her new pack and rip out the throats of various folks with her wolf teeth. This new revelation made me want Aidan to shoot her with the vampire gun. You're a monster, Nora! And not the good kind, with the dimple chins and cowlicks.

So anyway, the twins trick Aidan into a fun monster brawl in the woods, and everyone survives besides the cop. Which means, when daylight hits Aidan goes and shoots the horrible male twin right in the heart. And just like that, the show kicks over very quickly. It's a very simple, "Hey remember what we are? The fucking Boss."


Well done twist โ€” I'm very happy with the werewolf cocaine snorting dude bro who calls people "cochise" being deader than dead. And it's Team Josh/Aidan and Team EAT DIRT NORA, you absolute monster.

In other news Keanu Reeves Light is Sally's Reaper. He shows up at the end to dispose of her ex-boyfriend/murderer with the greatest of ease, and sticks around to go all Joe Black on the cast. I like him, he could be fun. Sadly, he tells Sally that he still has to reap her for balance. Enter Sally's shitty Mom from last week... just sayin.


Overall, the big finale and Poltergeist joke made the episode for me. Until next week, when we figure out how many angels can fit inside Aidan's chin dimple.