Bradley Craft spends a lot of time around books and authors — he's a used-book buyer at Seattle's University Bookstore, and before that he worked at San Francisco's late, lamented Stacey's Books. And in his spare time, he draws caricatures of local and visiting authors, a practice which began with posters he drew for Stacey's.

His blog Used Buyer 2.0 contains some amazing carictures of authors, including William Gibson, Cherie Priest, Stephen King and China Mieville. And there's even a calendar for sale. My favorite is probably the China Mieville-with-tentacles one, above. (Apparently, Craft sketched Mieville while he read at the store — from his novel Kraken, naturally.)

Craft tells the Seattle Times: "I don't draw people unless I have some level of affection for them ... as affectionate as my somewhat twisted eye can make them." Here are a few more of our favorites — check out the rest at Craft's blog.