What are you doing right now? Whatever's going on, table your plans immediately and watch this absolutely amazing short movie about a futuristic nuclear clean-up project gone awry.

Titled GAMMA, this atmospheric creature feature was filmed near the industrial wreckage of Baikonur, Kazakhstan and abandoned communities of Prypiat, Ukraine. This five-minute flick is A.) a stern reprimand to never consort with half-fungi, half-molluscs; and B.) the coolest thing you'll see all day.


Here's the synopsis from the filmmakers at Factory Fifteen, who also worked on that astounding Robots of Brixton short:

In a post-nuclear future, when the earth is riddled with radiation, a new urban developer proposes to regenerate the cities back into civilisation. GAMMA sets out to stabilise the atomic mistakes of yesteryear for the re-inhabitation of future generations. Using its patented 'Nuke-Root' technology; part fungi, part mollusc, GAMMA intends to soak up the radiation and remove it from the irradiated cities, rebuilding them in the process.

And if the movie wasn't nearly gorgeous enough, here's some concept art of the clean-up team's "almighty cock-up" — you can find huge files at Factory Fifteen's Flickr account.

[Via The Creator's Project]