Just as Saturn devoured his children, the Michael Bay's Transformers are consuming our memories of an innocent, gentler time when the Decepticons ogled robot pin-ups.

To wit, Racer-Kun, a heroic Autobot from Playskool's 1986 Japanese "My First Transformers" line, has taken a retroactive cue (or two!) from Devastator, the swinging star of Revenge of The Fallen.

Was this inadvertent? Of course not. This was just the first, silent salvo of a decades-long shadow campaign to refit all the robots in disguise with prominent external testicles. This reinvention will come full circle in time for Transformers 4, a.k.a. Ballsformers 4: Balls to the Balls - Origins, starring Racer-Kun and hopefully the Dinobots. With balls!


[Seibertron via Topless Robot]