In addition to working on such such saurian film and television projects as Carnosaur and Dino-Riders, dinosaur aficionado Don Glut has amassed a huge collection of fossils and extinct reptile memorabilia over the years.

His house evolved into an impromptu museum for all sorts of dinosaur collectibles. And to showcase these items, Glut recruited a small army of befuddled bikini models to pose with his prehistoric paraphernalia. The resulting photos are downright Lynchian.

"I warn you, while much of it is 'paleontologically correct,' it is by no means, as you will discover, 'politically correct," Glut forebodes ominously in his introduction. And indeed, his virtual tour contains 100+ photos of scantily clad ladies attempting to unleash their inner sexy while juxtaposed over apatosaurus femurs and whatnot. Nowhere on the internet will see you see a perplexed lingerie model preen over a Edmontosaurus skull or another nonplussed lady coyly hide her bosoms with a giant sloth's bony paw.

There is also the NSFW "adults only" gallery, which highlights the unlikely combination of underboob and natural history museum t-shirts. Here are some of the choicest shots — check out hundreds more at Don's site. Hat tip to Graviton1066 for introducing us to this new breed of weirdness.