NIGHT FALLS ON THE SPRINGFIELD NUCLEAR POWER PLANT | Tonight The Simpsons airs its 500th episode, and we're enjoying a melancholy view by artist Tim Doyle. See the entire image at Spoke Art, via Laughing Squid.

My parents are dead! Watch Batman scream at strangers on the dark streets of Toronto

What would it really be like if Batman really stormed into your local convenience store and shouted "Where are they?" in that raspy Christian Bale voice More »

Exactly what happened in A Wrinkle in Time, explained in a one-page comic

Madeleine L'Engle's scifi classic A Wrinkle in Time is 50 years old, and you can relive the entire tale of Meg and Charles Wallace in a brand-new edition. More »

What happens when a zombie walks into a movie theater?

Movie goers at one South African theater thought they were watching an ordinary (and particularly insipid) romantic comedy trailer - that is, until a zombie started shambling down the aisle. More »

Take a tour of 20th Century fashions, as imagined in the year 1893

In 1893, a Strand Magazine article imagined how the next 100 years of fashion would look. You couldn't exactly call the article prescient, but one thing's for sure: if this had been our fashion history, we would have a far superior legacy of awesome hats. More »

Here's the first clip from The Amazing Spider-Man!

It's here! The first clip from The Amazing Spider-Man has made its way online. It's not, as you might expect, a web-slinging, crimefighting action sequence. Instead, Peter Parker faces off against his greatest foe: Gwen Stacy's doorman. More »

Watch an Earth-sized "tornado" gyrate across the surface of the sun

Okay, so the sun doesn't really have tornados in the same way that Earth does. But the shifting of warmer and cooler plasma across the sun's surface can create similar-looking phenomenon - in this case, a spiraling inferno as large as the Earth itself. More »

Supernatural gets balls-to-the-wall crazy, and you'll love it

A lot of nightmares came out of the Winchesters' past in last night's Supernatural, "Repo Man," written by the always-awesome Ben Edlund. This was one of the season's best episodes so far, with two plotlines about very different kinds of possession coming together nicely - and shedding light on Sam's current state of mind. More »

Scifi characters invade Tatooine, Where's Waldo-style

Mos Eisley becomes the nexus of all science fiction realities in this giant print from artist Ulises Farinas. How many out-of-place characters can you find? Farinas is selling extra-wide prints of this Easter egg hunt on his website, and I hope he includes a list. More »

A Sneak Preview of Darth Maul's Return & My Little Pony's inspired take on Spielberg's Warhorse

Clone Wars takes the week off, but we've got a sneak preview of the season finale featuring an appearance by Darth Maul! This Saturday morning also brings clips from this week's episodes of Adventure Time, Archer, and a couple of new reader request shows More »

Can you name all 26 movies featured in this video?

Here's a little movie quiz to get your brain moving this weekend. Animator Evan Seitz created ABCinema, a video compiling signature images and sounds from 26 classic films - including many scifi and fantasy movies. There's one for each letter of the alphabet. Can you name them all? More »

Classic Fringe Themes That Last Night's Episode Gave New Life To

One of the real pleasures of watching Fringe is seeing the same themes and ideas brought up again and again, in new and interesting ways. Over time, these themes start to reveal more surprising facets, and you glimpse a greater meaning to the show. More »

Dark Knight/Prestige trailer mashup explains Nolan's three-movie magic trick

Mashup trailers can be a lot of fun - especially when they involve making ponies say things ponies wouldn't normally say. But there's a special layer of depth to this trailer, which places Michael Caine's narration from The Prestige over footage from Christopher Nolan's Batman movies to comment on the three acts of the Dark Knight. More »

An autistic savant spent 20 years designing an entire city on paper

The French city of Urville exists in two places: in the mind of Gilles Trehin and in the elaborate drawings Trehin created. But what's incredible isn't just the detailed designs he created for the city's architecture and layout, but the entirely plausible history for his fictional city. More »

Could you have passed Thomas Edison's job interview test?

Some companies are known for their legendary job interview questions - brain teasers, trivia questions, moral thought problems. In the 1920s, Thomas Edison was himself famous for the interview exams he administered to eager job applicants. More »