In 1893, a Strand Magazine article imagined how the next 100 years of fashion would look. You couldn't exactly call the article prescient, but one thing's for sure: if this had been our fashion history, we would have a far superior legacy of awesome hats.

The article claims that an elderly gentleman came across a book from 1993, detailing the last 100 years in fashion, complete with sketches. It goes on to imagine the motley fashion we would all don in the 20th Century, filled with voluminous pantaloons and impractical shoes for members of both genders.


It's a lark, but it's an impressively detailed lark. And, interestingly enough, it gets one thing about the 20th Century right: in a throwaway comment, it notes that tobacco falls out of fashion because of the dangers it poses to human health. It just didn't coincide with a revival of Renaissance-era fashion.

Future Dictates of Fashion [Forgotten Futures via Retronaut]