It's Friday — which means it's time to party, sword and sandal-style. To help you get into the right mindset for a properly barbaric weekend, we've painstakingly assembled some of the most glorious barbarian art on the internet. Including lots of Conan and Red Sonja, but also tons of other great sword-wielding heroes.

Here are 28 of our favorite barbarian artworks!

Top image: Dymitri, via Cover for one of Emmanuel Collot's books.

"Barbarian," by Mr—Jack, via Deviantart.

"Barbarian King," by Shiantu, via Deviantart

By Seaver Liu, via and Growing Pains Art

By Steve Argyle, via

By overdrivezero, via Deviantart. Also known as Hellfire, via

By Matt Betteker, via Coroflot and

"Bear Warrior," by Revolution-77, via Deviantart

"conan the barbarian," by moritat, via Deviantart

"Conan fanart," by livingrope, via Deviantart

"traveler barbarian colour Wip" by Brolo, via Deviantart

By Parsakoira, via

By phrozac, via Entry for Dark Horse's Conan Fan Art Cover Contest.

"Lonely Warrior," by MarcSampson, via

By kekai kotaki, via

"wolfskin," by perzo, via DeviantArt

By toasty, via

By nebezial, via

By Michael Ivan (a.k.a perzo) via 6d6

Concept for Blade of Darkness, by Jose Luis Vaello Bertol, via

"Berserker," by Daniel Clarke, via

"warrior girl," by pelzo, via Deviantart

By JShamburger, via

By wiggers, via

Entry in Drawing Jam #68: Conan, by Rake, via

Entry in Drawing Jam #68: Conan, by TheWalker, via

Entry in Drawing Jam #68: Conan, by mdzone, via

Entry in Drawing Jam #68: Conan, by Jeromo, via