Whether he's photographing snowflakes, or the coiled shell of a snail, German photographer Matthias Lenke has a way of bringing out the details in his subjects — but he does an especially breathtaking job with insects. We think you'll agree.

The images you see here were photographed by Lenke over the course of 2011 and 2012, and reveal the incredible structures of insect morphology in stunningly beautiful detail. As a point of reference, many of the insects you see pictured here measure just a few millimeters in length.


Included here is a handfull of our favorite shots, but you'll find a lot more of Lenke's work over on his photostream.

[Lenke's work spotted on Colossal]
Top image is of a Green lacewing (Chrysoperla carnea)

Zebraspringspinne (Salticus scenicus)

Cuckoo wasp Cleptes semiauratus

Abdomen of common wasp (Vespula vulgaris) with tergum

A female Hoverfly (Melanostoma scalare)

Leaf beetle (Oulema gallaeciana)

Wing detail of a Common blue (Polyommatus icarus)

A house cricket (Acheta domesticus)

Seed beetle (subf. Bruchinae)

Lauxaniid fly (sp. Calliopum)