Are you Team Stark or Team Targaryen? Do you pledge your loyalty to the Browncoats or the Time Lords? Root for your favorite fictional group with these custom hockey jerseys.

Video game artist Dave Delisle designs these jerseys and facilitates their manufacture. He says he doesn't actually make any profit from the jerseys; he just wants to give his fellow fans the opportunity to wear their geeky hearts on their chests.

Each jersey is typically $80 plus shipping, which actually isn't a bad deal for a hockey jersey. Designs are available for a limited time, so you'll need to pounce on your favorite design as soon as you see it. Design samples and finished jerseys are below, although not all the designs are currently available.

Oh, and hello there, other person named Davis. Mind if I borrow that Ghostbusters jersey for awhile? I'll try not to get too much marshmallow on it.

Dave's Geek Hockey [via Mental Floss]