In 1000 years, sea levels could rise as much as 28 meters, placing London, as well as many other cities, squarely underwater. Because it can be difficult to picture just what those rising waters mean, one artist has placed a glowing high-water mark around some of London's most prominent monuments.

Michael Pinksy's Plunge illustration is meant to give Londoners a sense of their possible watery apocalypse. He placed blue LED rings on three pillars, the Seven Dials Sundial pillar, the Duke of York column, and the Paternoster Square column, at 28 meters above sea level, the demonstrate just how much of the columns and the neighboring buildings could be underwater if climate change occurs according to current predictions. His goal is to raise awareness of the effect of carbon emissions on the environment.

It would be cool to see something like this, but on a larger scale. I imagine that these LED rings would have a more chilling effect if they appeared everywhere in a city, creating a sort of glowing ghostly surface for the predicted future flood.