You've seen the exceptionally moody and action-packed new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. But what secrets does it hide about the Lizard and Spider-Man's parents?

It's the first ever shot of Spidey flying in the air. Looks much different from Sam Raimi's hyper comic book coloring and CG animated action (not that there's anything wrong with that). The whole night sky tone matches the far more broody, walks-down-the-street-with-his-hood-up, Peter Parker.

Peter Parker (Andrew Garfield) drops on in Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). Both Hollywood actors maintain their adorable.

Peter at dinner with the whole Stacy family. Nice to see the new family dynamic. Gwen, as opposed to MJ, has a fairly stable family life. Not to mention her Pops is the police top brass, George Stacy.

Peter has a moment alone, starring at his superhero mask (as all heroes are contractually obligated to do in their films).

Peter Parker making his web shooters. Unlike Tobey Maguire, this Peter Parker is a bit of a whiz kid. Instead of being blessed with web shooting abilities after the mutant spider bite, Peter constructs them himself.


The first look at the new Spider-Man symbol. What are the odds that this is some gang sign in an alley, and this is just Peter's big "ah ha" moment? Hell, if the boy can sew an entire unitard that looks that good, shouldn't he be able to paint as well?

Spidey first toys with, then strings up a local car jacker.

Close up on the new suit.

Little Peter Parker saying goodbye to his parents, most likely for the last time ever. Could Peter's parents be S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in this continuity — or something similar?

Peter uses his super strength for revenge on a school bully.

Uncle Ben and Aunt May!

Sorting through his Dad's old briefcase, another good shot of Peter's room. Looks like he's a movie buff?

Dad's OSCORP card.

Ground shot of the OSCORP tower.

Dr. Curt Connors uses Peter's mega brain to solve his math equation. Thus allowing him to complete his secret serum, which later backfires and turns him into a lizard beast. Hence Peter telling Gwen that he "has to stop him," as he "made him." Yet another reason for Peter to feel guilty and take responsibility and stuff.

Great look at The Lizard's eye, complete with third eyelid.

The leftovers from a Lizard fight, note the claws.

A shot of an actual Lizard claw.

Sick full look at the (now complete) web shooters!

Spidey takes another midnight swing, check out OSCORP's amazing tower, complete with big sign in the sky.

Spider-Man is arrested, but then BREAKS the handcuffs apart and uses his spider karate to kick so much cop ass. Your move, Tobey.

Spidey dodges a bunch of bullets, love that the police officer was firing that much at him, in fact it seems like there are a lot of guns in this trailer.

The infamous super spiders.

Blurry shot of the Lizard in a toilet.

Dr. Curt Connors slowly transforming, and getting pissed off.

Showdown between The Lizard and Spider-Man on top of OSCORP?

Big moment — looks like Gwen finds out that Peter is Spider-Man in this flick.

The Lizard uses his tail as weapon.

Blurry shot of The Lizard drowning Spidey.

The final scene (and my personal favorite shot of the trailer) Peter takes down the tower on the top of the OSCORP building, fueling my suspicious as to The Lizard's big plan, which we speculated on at the Spider-Man sizzle reel screening.