We've been enjoying the heck out of Kevin Wada and Max Wittert's X-Men clothing line (previously: 1, 2) — these drawings transform Marvel Comics' strangest superteam into a collective of blasé performance artists who blow Xavier's endowment on smart drinks imported from the farthest reaches of the Shi'ar Empire.

Here's Wada and Wittert's latest batch of mutant raiments. I want Moonstar's shoes in loafer form. Also, Jeanne-Marie and Jean-Paul Beaubier need to record a yé-yé single produced by Sébastien Tellier. Big ups to Cortexiphansession.


Danielle Moonstar


Scarlet Witch


Aurora and Northstar

Ms. Marvel (she hung out with the X-Men during the early 1980s Chris Claremont era.)

Dead Girl (of The X-Statix)