Katniss gives Prim the Mockingjay pin that will keep her safe, no matter what. This is way different from in the books, where Madge Undersee gives Katniss the pin.

A slightly different look at the selection ceremony in District 12 — President Snow is addressing the people of the district, via a big video screen. "Happy Hunger Games." Heh. The first trailer had a lot of this scene as well, and you can see your screencaps here.

And there's more of Effie Trinkett this time, acting all bubbly and horrible, while deciding to do the girls first.

The assembled tributes stand before the judges.

Katniss begs Gale to take care of her family, and not let them starve without her to hunt in the forest.

The train with the tributes on board zooms into the Capitol.

And now suddenly Katniss is wearing a really nice yellow dress to be shown off in public — although this is not the dress.

Another great look at the Capitol, which is looking really beautiful.

Caesar Flickerman shows Katniss off to the assembled people.

Katniss being led, in her regular tribute clothes, by a ton of armed guards.

Is this Katniss being put in THE dress? Possibly. She looks nervous, and it looks like it could have some kind of fancy mechanism.

Close-up Caesar Flickerman asking Katniss what she said to her sister when she volunteered to take her place — Katniss responds that she promised to win and come home safe.

Katniss bow-hunting late at night in the arena.

Another look at Katniss offering a three-finger salute to the cameras, while everyone at home watches.

Peeta makes a much better impression on Caesar Flickerman, and everyone else, than Katniss does.

And Katniss has mixed feelings as she watches Peeta milk the crowd's emotions.

Peeta hits the ground running in the arena, while everyone watches at home. We had more of the "hitting the ground running sequence" in the first trailer — check out our screencaps here.

Peeta and Katniss in an elevator, which is probably taking them to those fateful platforms in the arena.

Katniss runs through the jungle, only to see flames rise up...

...and become a wall of flame, coming down...

...blocking her path.

Katniss gazes at the wall of flames in horror.

Cinna sees Katniss' seditious Mockingjay pin...

...and puts his finger to his lips, because he knows this is going to make everybody crazy.