The Avengers trailer begins like many before it. Over the New York city skyline, the quiet just before it's invaded, and things go boom!

A bitter Captain says nothing surprises him now. Wanna bet?

Meanwhile a pair of Avengers Quinjets land on what we're assuming is the SHIELD Helicarrier.

New York city goes boom and a strange figure rides out through the smoke.

On further inspection we believe this is Loki, his magnificent helmet is a bit of a giveaway.

Looks like Thor found his way back to Earth.

And it might have something to do with electrifying the Chrysler Building.

Captain America in his new suit.

Mr. Stark.

Nick Fury lets everyone know: It's time.

New Iron Man duds.

New Iron Man duds, contd.

Full suit.

Tony is hit by something attacking from the sky.

Captain America is in pain.

Thor helps him up.

Black Widow.

Thor lands on a plane mid-flight.

A group of army green creatures crawl out of the debris. Are these the members of Loki's mysterious army?

Bleeding Cool suggests that these creatures could be the sons of Muspell. Which would make sense with the previous image of the Chrysler Building getting struck by lightening. But we're not 100% sold.

Here's an enhanced shot thanks to ScreenRant. What do you think?

Captain American protects Black Widow from a beautiful explosion. Meanwhile Thor takes it on the chin.

Hawkeye falls.

Captain dodges a mysterious fire.

Something attacks from the sky. It looks like a giant hole opened up... Muspellians?

The Avengers, assembled.

First clear shot of Loki in this trailer. Tells Tony that he has an army. Tony's response? "We have a Hulk."

Cue the HULK!

He's starting to look an awful lot like Mark Ruffalo!

More Ruffles Hulk face.

And it all ends with Hulk fighting the villains in the middle of the SKY. No doubt he was flung up there like a pissed off bomb.