A brand new look at the dry landscape of Barsoom, with a city in the distance

Meet the Tharks!

Riding on some Thoats, towards the water. Our best look so far at the Thoats in action?

Taylor Kitsch looks up as they ride a boat along a canal, under a weird bridge.

The boat drifts into a canyon, and it appears that Dejah Thoris is on board.

The Tharks light some fires and do their Thark dance.

John Carter leaps high into the air, taking advantage of the low gravity, and attacks some Tharks.

Piles of corpses and a burning structure — did one of their airships crash? Or is this a funeral pyre? Or both?

Perhaps our best look yet at the Tharks' features. John Carter says, "We did not cause this. But we will end it!"

And our first look at a female Thark!