A giant metallic jagged wheel rips apart roads, buildings and cars.

The now-traditional "freeway collapses, causing cars to crash into a chasm" scene that every movie trailer needs.

Liam Neeson makes his first appearance. He wants "everything loaded."

Something rises up out of the water...

The aliens launch more of those alien spheres, and this time they're shooting alien missiles!

The missiles streak into the city.

The steely metal balls rip a sky scraper in half.

As you can see.

Back shot of the invading aliens, in their suits.

Front shot of the suits.

Do the aliens have knife hands on their mecha suits?

Neeson narrates that the invaders have erected a sort of barrier that no one can pass through. Here you can see it shoot up from their ships.

God's eye view of the barrier.

Jet crashing into the barrier.

Battleships trapped in (or out) or the barrier.

Taylor Kitsch looks worried about being trapped in a dome with evil aliens.

Alien Army.

Creepy alien hand. Taylor wonders "what are you doing to us?" Mind control?

"We're going in," says Taylor — and the battleship fires all guns!

The big alien ship comes out of the water, ready to wreak some mayhem. (Or possibly, faux Bayhem.)

Those alien balls attack a bunch of helicopters...

... and one of them whips its metal spiky tail, shredding the choppers. Ack!

A big alien dude lands on the deck and stalks towards Taylor.

First look inside the alien mask, you can see its little face. Looks like a lizard!

And here is its lizard eye!


Alien guns.

Battleship Vs. Alien Ship.