Remember the dilapidated roadside dinosaurs located near Arizona's Petrified Forest National Park? Believe it or not, those aren't the only prehistoric abominations this country has to offer.

A couple weeks back, Brian Switek over at Dinosaur Tracking issued a call for pictures of the the absolute worst examples of roadside dinosaur models. A few days later, he posted some of the best submissions, and we must say... they're pretty exceptional.

Featured here are a few of our favorites, including this picture of a civil war soldier... riding a deinonychosaur. It's from a roadside attraction in Natural Bridge, Virginia called Dinosaur Kingdom, where members of the Union and Confederate armies ride dino-back and get devoured by a marauding T. Rex. I've never wanted to visit a place so badly in my life.


You can click through to Dinosaur Tracking to check out even more craptastic dino goodness.

A deteriorating roadside dinosaur stands guard by a satellite near Victorville, California.


An uncharacteristically stout Tyrannosaurus at the entrance to Kentucky's Dinosaur World.

Top photo by Kathy Krein, decaying dino photo by Mark Ryan, T. Rex phto by Kelly Enright