Tomorrow brings a ton of new releases to your local comic book store. Witness new stories from the early years of the Jedi order, Bucky Barnes striking out on his own, environmental apocalypse from the writer of DMZ, and scads of other groovy funnymags.

First Issues
Ed Brubaker pens a new ongoing Winter Soldier series this week — here's our conversation with him about this book. There's also Dawn of the Jedi #0, the prequel to the upcoming "ancient days of the Jedi order" comic by Star Wars: Legacy writer John Ostander and illustrator Jan Duursema. You can read our interview about DOTJ here.

Also on the docket are Image's end-of-the-world book Alpha Girl , IDW Publishing's new Magic: The Gathering series, and the debut of Transformers: Robots In Disguise. Finally, check out our sneak peek of the Infestation 2: Transformers miniseries, which promises Cthulhubots.

Grab Bag
In the latest issue of Dark Horse Presents, you can find the opening to the ecosystem meltdown miniseries The Massive — we talked with author Brian Wood about the design process behind that book yesterday. And in Venom, there's the beginning of a storyline starring a "new" New Fantastic Four (more on that here).

Another book we recently previewed was Paul Cornell's Stormwatch, which sees Martian Manhunter and Apollo square off against the evil psychic Daemonites.

You can also check out new issues of Action Comics, Fatale, Animal Man, OMAC, Swamp Thing, iZombie, The Boys, Sweet Tooth, Locke and Key: Clockworks, Defenders, Irredeemable, Punisher, and Uncanny X-Force.


Graphic Novels
You can find the trade paperback collection of John Rozum and Fraser Irving's 2011 sci-horror miniseries Xombi on the stands. You can also pick up Scott Snyder and Kyle Higgins' Batman: Gates of Gotham, Snyder's third volume of American Vampire, Garth Ennis' Jennifer Blood, and the Madman 20th Anniversary Monster.

And as usual, here's the list of everything being released to comic stores tomorrow, and you can find your nearest comic retailer here. Happy reading, gang!