This was awesome.Tony Alleyne's infamous Star Trek apartment inspired us all to up our geeky interiors to the next level. Sadly, the Trek fanatic's majestic apartment is no more — another victim of divorce.

In 1994, Alleyne began his shuttle craft inspired motif, and within 10 years he would have converted his 500-square foot apartment into this amazing beauty, spending a whopping $150K in the process. Sadly, his wife (whom he has been separated from since 1994, and who pays for the apartment) has finally filed for divorce. And that means the ship is coming down, because she wants to sell the apartment, and thinks it'll be worth more money if it looks normal. Which is too bad — especially since a lot of people might actually pay more to live in an authentic-looking Federation vessel.


"To say I'm gutted is an understatement," Alleyne told The Sun. "It is my life's work - and it looks like it's going into a skip. I admit there were tears."

Thanks for the tip, Gale.