If Triana's friend Kim (the aspiring villainess who fell in with preppies and then went to rehab) ever returns to The Venture Bros. as a preppy-goth supervillain, she could easily outfit her henchmen and henchladies in these styles from designer Thom Browne, where embroidered pants and rugby helmets meet spiked hoods and breathing tubes.

Browne admits that his designs come straight from science fiction, with the occasional football movie thrown in. Road Warrior, Rocky Horror, Blade Runner, The Longest Yard, Despicable Me, and The Incredibles were all inspirations for his 2012 collection. The result would be perfect for the supervillain who just traded in her Lilly Pulitzer for a spandex catsuit and a pair of lab goggles.

Thom Browne [Style.com via Laughing Squid]