Joss Whedon loves to remind us that the Avengers are just one big dysfunctional family, and if there's one thing that family does, it's send horrible text messages to one another. The Avenger's text messages reveal side you don't get to see in the comics, including Pepper Potts' attempt to explain Harry Potter, and Captain America and Iron Man's secret love.

The Avengers Shouldn't Text is a Tumblr collection of the mightiest heroes' private text messages. The curators frequently take requests for texted conversations, but seem to be creating their own little phone-based Avengers universe. Two key things these messages reveal: Thor is a surprisingly avid texter, and Cap and Iron Man share a very tender relationship. Also, Darcy Lewis keeps stealing Iron Man's Iron Man Snuggie.

[The Avengers Shouldn't Text via Gamma Squad]