And by The Prisoner we mean the 1967 "Patrick McGoohan tooling around in a Lotus 7 Prisoner," not the 2009 TV miniseries nobody particularly enjoyed. In the Welsh county of Gwynedd, you can visit the faux-Mediterranean Portmeirion resort, which served as the shooting location for the cult classic television series.

45 years later, much of the hotel still resembles the show's unnervingly pleasant Village. Sure, there's no Kosho training center, but many recognizable sites remain intact.

To make matters even niftier, Google Maps allows you to traipse over the grounds, so you can pretend to be Number Six's shadowy omniscient captors. You can't summon Rover to engulf unsuspecting vacationers, so don't get too excited. Also, here's a video tour of the Portmeirion if you prefer narrated annotations.


The tollbooth.


Battery Square.

The Pantheon, or Green Dome.


The beach where Number 6 hilariously gets his ass handed to him.

[Via Feuilleton]