Martin Scorsese's Hugo celebrates the life and creativity of film mastermind Georges Méliès — and now Méliès' most famous film Le Voyage Dans La Lune is finally restored in its original color. Check out the first clip from the restored print — with the new soundtrack by French pop duo Air.

Talking to the Guardian, Air's Nicolas Godin says:

If there was an original score, it would be horrible to make new music and destroy a piece of art. I would hate it if someone did that to one of my records. When a piece of art is done, it's done. But the fact that there was no original score was too good an opportunity to miss.... It feels like a collaboration with Méliès. I feel like he was in the band while we were recording. When I was coming to the studio I felt like I was in a time shuttle… it was a very strange experience.

Tons more info at the link. [Guardian]