The Hunger Games is starting its slow, inevitable fall into the Twilight marketing K-hole. This entails slapping "may the odds be ever in your favor" on anything that moves and peddling it to the disposable-cash-heavy demographic.

The latest and greatest of the virtual marketing move for Hunger Games is a Capitol Couture line, which shows off all the loud and crazy fashions of the inhabitants of the Capitol.

Hidden among the fabulous collection of shoes is the first official Hunger Games GIF of Effie with a starry-eyed Peeta and Katniss trotting behind.

And of course, here are the collection of Hunger Games shoes, which are oddly timely for a world set many, many years in the future. Ah well, we still want the training boots!

That Hunger Games nail polish is apparently not dead.

A call for new stylists to pamper the tributes.

If you would like to see more fashions from Hunger Games that you can gobble up and put on your nails, head over to the Capitol Couture