This no-budget science fiction short looks better than most movies

The Aaron Sims Company has designed such celluloid creatures as the aliens from Green Lantern, the simians from Rise of The Planet of The Apes, and the samurai with the chain gun from Sucker Punch. More »

Boba Fett & Bossk show up on Clone Wars & Yogi Bear fights the Power Rangers!

This week on Saturday Morning Cartoons, we take a look at the new story arc on Clone Wars and the one-hundredth episode of Robot Chicken. Plus, we welcome Archer and Marvel Anime: Blade to the fold. More »

Star Trek/Settlers of Catan sets phasers to "SHEEP!"

If your Settlers of Catan games are anything like mine, pulling the Monopoly card inevitably leads to the dredging up of old slights and someone inevitably leaves the room swearing by the time Longest Road is awarded. More »

This is the worst elementary school commute in the world

Here's a new candidate for the world's most precarious school commute. Sorry, two-day Chinese mountaineering expedition. More »

When this orphaned baby bat learns to fly, you will be misty-eyed

Remember Lil' Drac the motherless baby bat who was nursed back to health? Well, the folks at Bat World Sanctuary have sent io9 an update of his progress, and the little guy turned out alright. More »

Watch a staggeringly beautiful time-lapse video of Yosemite National Park

If you've ever visited California's Yosemite National Park, then you have an appreciation for how absurdly majestic its scenery is. You also know how difficult it can be to encapsulate that majesty when describing it to others; somehow, adjectives like "breathtaking" don't even begin to describe it. More »

"Doctor Mew" reimagines the eleven Doctors as canny and capricious cats

When you think about it, the Doctor is a bit like a cat. He turns up where you least expect him. He has mysterious adventures out of sight of the human race. More »

David Bowie's wife, the Wonder Woman and Black Widow that never was

Before Scarlett Johansson donned Natasha Romanov's red tresses and Lynda Carter wore ancient Grecian skateboarding gear, Angie Bowie - a.k.a. the model "Jipp Jones," the then-wife of David Bowie, and mother of Source Code director Duncan Jones - gave both Marvel's superspy and DC Comics' Amazonian princess a shot. Neither of her forays into superheroics were picked up, but the photographic evidence does have a magnificently deranged 1970s vibe. More »

Can philosophy explain what happened before the Big Bang?

Over at the Atlantic, there's a fascinating interview with Tim Maudlin, one of the founders of a new field, the philosophy of cosmology. He suggests that the mysteries of the universe, including what existed before the Big Bang, may be in part philosophical... More »

Watch an army of baby spiders explode from their slain mama

It's the alternate, terrible ending to Charlotte's Web, in which Charlotte's babies, instead of flying off on the breeze, burst forth in the midst of a human-spider battle in a spectacular explosion of scuttling little legs. More »

Psylocke's spread-eagle monologue gets the GIF treatment

We've seen some classic comic art transformed into GIFS. Now check out a more modern example of animated superhero art. This scene by Tim Green from last week's Generation Hope #15 saw the X-Woman Psylocke delivering a menacing speech, splayed mid-Flying V. More »

In 1994, the lost Torchwood/Star Trek crossover went down

In 1994, John Barrowman was a children's television show host with a devil-may-care hairdo. William Shatner was a man with a Fonz jacket and a movie to promote. More »

Mercury-sized exoplanet is being vaporized into a cloud of gas

Something very strange is happening around the star KIC 12557548. Its light dims every 15 hours, as though a planet is orbiting around it...except the dimming varies wildly each time around. More »