Last week I was a little hard on Grimm. It's just frustrating seeing fairy tale monster after monster get tossed into the plot grinder. I just don't feel invested in these characters' lives, except for the consistently great Pilates Wolf.

And although Nick's Prince Eric fills the incredibly shallow "sometimes it's just nice to watch pretty men be nice to their pretty girlfriends" quota, it was getting old. This week's show was seemingly another rapidly solved monster murder mystery, but at least this time there was a twist.

This week, a Mouse Man found his mouse courage after his Mouse Dad died and he went mouse insane. Also there was a Snake Man who looked like a concept art rendering of a Disney villain in real life. This was some seriously excellent casting for both Mouse and Snake Man. Simply superb.


Mouse Man finds his inner strength by imagining his father's dead face on everyone. Apparently his father didn't think much of him? We don't know we never got to meet him, but everyone yammers about it.

Once the Mouse Dad died, his Mouse Son was "freed" (as Nick puts it). He then goes about slaughtering people that piss him off and courting the super-cute girl next door. I was really rooting for Mouse Man. He's adorable. Needless to say I was pretty pissed that Mouse Man went psycho and saw his Dad's face on every male in the world, including his own! I really and truly wish some of these characters would be allowed to stick around. Like Pilates Wolf's friend Happy! Ah well, Nick needs to solve a case and Grimm needs a small storyline that it can wrap up quickly.


In other Grimm news, Pilates Wolf got jumped by a pack of Reapers. I was pissed! You leave him alone, Reapers, he is the best part of this show! The second Monroe got that phone call, I think we all knew it was a trap. However I'm glad that Grimm is attempting to play with a bigger storyline. And who were those people taking pictures of Nick's home? Lady Reapers with Reaper kids? I hope it's more of the Gopher fix-it creatures because as I stated earlier, I want to get to know some of these friendly monsters better!

So I leave you with this clip of the Snake Man and the Mouse Man fighting, which was highly watchable and lots of fun. I'm sad that Snake Man — formally known as a "Lausenschlange" — won't be returning. You could cut glass with that guy's jawline. Plus, it would have been fun to have a little Angel-esque Wolfram & Hart attorney for the baddies Nick keeps putting in jail.

Side question about Snake Man: Did he not feel Nick's presence? I'd like to assume that he's so pompous he doesn't take note of things like that.