While compiling our list of fan campaigns that saved TV shows, we stumbled across a group of Quantum Leap fanatics known as "The Leapers." And they ruled.

These group of body jumping fans hosted a set of Quantum Leap conventions so amazing, they even got the show's wardrobe to let them borrow the clothes for a fashion show. In this video from a 1993 convention you'll see a marvelous cameos from Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Priestly (coupled by a girl who is basically 15-year-old me), Scott Bakula and more!

Here's a video from the 1993 Q&A in which Al is getting chastised from the audience for switching handlinks around. It's amazing, and yeah we kind of agree with NPH — they're being brutal. We miss small conventions.


All images and videos were found on the Quantum Leap convention website Leap Back. Which has dozens more videos from various Q&As over the years.

And here's a collection of photos: