The Americanized Being Human is back with new bosses, baby ghosts, Amish vampires and original story lines!

Will the second season hit the sudsy high-water mark this supernatural soap achieved last year? When the powers of Sam Witwer's dimple chin, Sam Huntington's puppy face, and Meaghan Rath's newly found charm combine, they unleash a krakken of endless emoting. And so far, so good!

The second season premiere starts off a few weeks away from last year's climax. With vampire Aidan's old friend and new foe, Bishop bested, Aidan apparently inherited all of the vampires of Boston. These incessant "tweakers" show up at the new vampire lord's home and just muck up everything. Aidan tries to satiate the hungry vampires with human blood he's stealing from the the hospital. It's a new vampire world under Aidan's chin, and it's not going very well.

Meanwhile, Josh and Nora continue to nuzzle each other in the fake bliss of Nora's uncertainty. If you remember last season Josh (unknowingly) took a claw to Nora's limb. Now the inevitable clock of the moon is ticking away, forcing Nora to face her own secret countdown. I never really got a grasp for this couple last year. A lot was thrown at the screen, they were dating, then they were animal-banging, then Nora was pregnant, then she wasn't. It was a lot to handle in what appeared to be a small amount of time. But putting Nora inside the circle of supernatural awareness has allowed her personality to show. The little back-and-forth morning sex negotiations felt natural and sweet. I think I like these two.

But the biggest surprise in this episode was simply Sally. Poor Sally never truly found her footing last year, she just couldn't keep up, which squandered her delightful charm for almost an entire season. No more! With the mystery of her death solved and the outing of her horrible ex-boyfriend complete, a new crop of exciting non-abusive boyfriend activities are planned for Sally. She's ready to shine, and shine she does. Who knew this delightful sweatered lady had it in her?


We find Sally furrowed over her high school reunion invitation. Why go? What sort of fulfillment would a dead person get from going to the all-alive reunion? Plenty! "It's like attending your own funeral" Nora tells Sally. And she's right. I can soundly say that if I was doomed to flit about as an earthbound spirit, I'd go. Sally is then greeted by former classmate and suicide Stevie. Together they watch their classmates remember their past lives and lament over the recently deceased member who was more popular than both of them. I like Stevie, and I like that Sally has a newly found ghost friend who has been around for a while (and can't go anywhere as suicides are doomed to remain on Earth for all eternity). This allowed Sally to puff out her chest and stick up for the little fella and for Stevie to teach Sally a few things about life as a ghost (without the annoying trappings of the ridiculous 1980s ghost from Season 1). I hope he stays around for a bit.

Over in vampireland, the creepy Amish-looking vampires "The Dutch" inform Aidan that "Mother" is coming. There's a lot of hype around this lady, which is a bit of a letdown. Mother is just a bitchy haircut in a tight skirt. I was desperately hoping for a little "Anjelica Huston in Witches" action, but instead we were treated to an actual board meeting of vampires. Alas, adding vampires to board meetings don't make board meetings anymore exciting.


But there is an upside. Instead of giving Aidan the land of Boston, Mother offers him his freedom in exchange for being her daughter's number two. Then Mother says something about Aidan being a vampire whose only wish is to forsake other vampires. To which I say, "How is this a surprise?" Surely she's seen (or read) Interview With The Vampire. Self-loathing vampires are the Burger Kings of vampire franchises. Come on! Ah well, I have faith that this "daughter" which they unearth somewhere off yonder will be worth our wait.

As for Josh, well, it turns out that Nora is a werewolf too. As I said before, Nora is growing on me, and I'd like to root for these two this season. Excited to see what kind of hell losing a baby and turning into a werewolf will do to Nora's positive outlook on life.

And finally, Sally tries to sleep (something ghost Stevie informed her that she can do) and unleashes this dark CG smear into their apartment. New Big Bad? New Big Bad. Overall, tame but tasty. I know the second episode will be much better as now that all the characters are done reintroducing themselves and we can get back into the vampire sex orgies and new supernatural powers. Glad to have you back Being Human, but don't show up next week without a historical vampire wig.