Last week we discovered all about Disney's various John Carter movies that died out in development hell. Now take a look at the video pitch from Kerry Conran, director the visually handsome but sadly hollow movie Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.

Conran was handed the Carter title after Robert Rodriguez dropped out, and he produced this gorgeous concept trailer. Stuffed with concept art, alien battles and a surprise narrator, there's a lot to like in this trailer — maybe a bit more than the Andrew Stanton trailer. Watch it now.

The big, black Thark eyes kind of remind us of the classic Tharks from the great Barsoom art of yore. However, we're not entirely sure how the audience would connect with a giant shark-like eye, but it still looks rad. In 2005, Conran would be swapped out for Iron Man director Jon Favreau, and then the whole project would be dropped entirely (and laster picked up by Stanton). The video was discovered over at Looking Glass Films by Barsoomia.

[LG Films via Slashfilm]