Last Friday, Gallery 1988's Adult Swim art show opened in Los Angeles. The show presented a mixed media approach to such famously oddball shows as The Venture Bros. and Sealab 2021 — here's but a sampling of the many prints that were on display. The show runs until February 4.

"Brock, By Odin!" by Anne Benjamin (The Venture Bros.)

"The Life Aquatic With Hank Murphy" by Brandon Schaefer (Sealab 2021)

"Doctor Orpheus" by Delicious Design League (The Venture Bros.)

"Are You Getting Enough Oxygen" by Glen Brogan (Space Ghost Coast To Coast)

"Sebben & Sebben 2012 Calendar" by Glen Brogan (Harvey Birdman)

"Space Ghost" by Scott Belcastro

"Shadows Of Dangerous Men" by Scott Listfield (The Venture Bros.)

"Black Hearts" by Kim Herbst (The Venture Bros.)

"Hank Murphy" by Zac Gorman (Sealab 2021)

"Choose Your Own Ad-Venture #13" by Sean Dove

"Robot Chicken" by Jason Edmiston

"The Venture Bros. & Friends" by Joey Spiotto

"MC" by Jonathan Luna (The Venture Bros.)

"The Bat" by Olly Moss (The Venture Bros.)

"We Are Shallow Gravy!" by Kevin Tong (The Venture Bros.)

[Gallery 1988 via Popped Culture]