Russell T. Davies' new show will be "Doctor Who meets Harry Potter"

It sounds like Russell T. Davies still has plenty of genre television up his sleeve. Davies' agency has revealed that Davies is co-creating a children's series for the BBC's CBBC channel titled Aliens vs Wizards, which the BBC is describing as "Doctor Who meets Harry Potter." More »

Saturday Morning Cartoons – Katee Sackhoff as a Female Mandalorian on Clone Wars and Brony time!

This week brings the most awaited episode in store for season four of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a brief analysis of the Brony phenomenon along with a Bronified take on Watchmen, and the finale of Marvel Anime: X-Men! More »

Virginal newlyweds board a kinky, sentient spaceship in SS Myra

If he could, would Hugh Hefner upload his consciousness into the Playboy Mansion, and live out the rest of eternity as the pleasure palace of his own creation? More »

This snow-sledding crow will remind you what it means to make your own fun

It's widely acknowledged that crows are remarkably intelligent animals (did you know that they're commonly referred to as feathered apes?), but seeing one engage in a pastime as distinctly human as snow-sledding is a sight to behold. More »

"Lazy Jedi" uses his Force powers to make breakfast

If you've ever stared at the remote control from across the room and whistled the main theme from Star Wars hoping it fly into your hand, you'll appreciate the early morning sloth of "Lazy Jedi," who uses his Force-given telekinesis to avoid even the smallest amount of manual labor. More »

Watch 30 giant hornets take out 30,000 honey bees

This morning's most fearsome monster doesn't come the imagination of a writer or artist. It comes from Japan, home of Godzilla, Gamera, Mothra, and the most frightening creature of them all: the Japanese Giant Hornet. Watch a nest of honey bees make their last stand against just 30 of these vicious intruders. More »

Can suits that simulate cat purring keep astronauts healthy?

Is a little-known property of cat purrs the key to keeping astronauts healthy during long trips in space? Judge for yourself! Purring is one of the least objectionable sounds a cat can make. More »

Watch the zombie apocalypse unfold in screengrabs from the Internet

If you woke up tomorrow and the zombie apocalypse had begun, what would you see when you checked your computer? What about the next day, and the week after that? More »

Sunken treasure lies hidden at the bottom of New York Harbor

Going through old links this morning, I found a story originally published in New York Magazine back in 2009 about the waters of New York City-a maritime metropolis that, many forget, is also an archipelago. More »

Will our popular culture survive into the future?

Many works of science fiction agree that we'll all be reading Shakespeare until the heat death of the universe. But what about the works of Isaac Asimov, George Lucas, JK Rowling, and Steven Moffat? More »

19th Century astronomy illustrations are pre-photographic space porn

Space porn connaisseurs are really spoiled today. Any time, any place, we can enjoy hot planetary action, peek in on writhing solar flares, or catch a glimpse of exotic star-on-star-on-planet relationships. More »

Gender-bent Justice League gets a comic book look

Inspired by the Gender Bent Justice League cosplayers at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, artist Yasmin Liang decided to create a comic book-style illustration of the gender-flipped superheroes. More »

First scene from Avatar: The Legend of Korra shows our heroine kicking butt (UPDATED)

You've seen the opening credits and the trailer - now check out the first sequence from Avatar: The Legend of Korra, in which the series' protagonist beats up some goons. We saw a snippet of this scene in the trailer before. Looking jazzy! The show will debut sometime in 2012. More »

Is this bizarre organism an animal, a plant, or both?

Actually, Mesodinium chamaeleon is both. This single-celled organism definitely eats other creatures, which makes it an animal. But it also absorbs algae cells that can then give it extra energy through photosynthesis. More »

Most important scientific study ever: What about farting astronauts?

Humans produce two flammable gases: hydrogen and methane. Flammable gases accumulate in an enclosed space and can ignite. Astronauts are humans who spend lots of time in enclosed space. The logic is irrefutable. So, what's the risk to farting astronauts? More »