Magic: the Gathering's latest expansion, Dark Ascension, takes place in a world completely taken over by creatures of the night. Vampires are eating humans, werewolves' power is waxing full and bright, and the dead just won't seem to stay that way.

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Dark Ascension is focused on the world of Innistrad, where humans have always been protected by the angel Avacyn. Her absence throws the doors of night wide open, and things aren't going so well for the non-supernatural people who call Innistrad home.


The set will be released at the beginning of February, with prerelease events at gaming stores the weekend of January 28th and 29th. The official Dark Ascension page has more details.

Artist credits:
Sorin Markov Key Art - Michael Komarck
Highborn Ghoul - Volkan Baga
Jar of Eyeballs - Jaime Jones
Thraben Heretic - James Ryman
Markov Blademaster - Jana Schirmer & Johannes Voss
Helvault - Jaime Jones
Village Survivors - David Rapoza
Deadly Allure - Steve Argyle
Faith's Shield - Svetlin Velinov
Werewolf Ransacker - David Palumbo
Undying Evil - Kev Walker
Havengul Lich - James Ryman
Death's Caress - James Ryman
Bar the Door - Ryan Pancoast
Requiem Angel - Eric Deschamps
Falkenrath Aristocrat - Igor Kieryluk