Sea Monsters of the Old West: Unknown place. Unknown date. Unknown timeline. by Noah Doely More »

Saturday Morning Cartoons – Clone Wars returns & Jean Grey vs. Dark Phoenix on Marvel Anime: X-Men!

Our weekly cartoons are slowly making their way back from holiday hiatus, with Star Wars: The Clone Wars returning with a new episode. Marvel Anime: X-Men races to its finale, bringing us one of the best episodes of the series, and we toss in a retro nod to Captain Power and the Soldiers of the... More »

The odd genius who showed that one infinity was greater than another

This problem of infinity was pondered by Georg Cantor. What he concluded started him down a road that wound through infamy, through respectability, and wound up in theology. More »

How NASA kept astronauts from swearing on the Moon

In the 1960s, NASA's astronauts were the cool, calm, and collected faces of the space program who represented American values - most were married and had some sort of religious affiliation. More »

Nobel committee snubbed JRR Tolkien's storytelling

JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series is one of the most enduring works of literature, a linguistic masterwork that helped spawned the high fantasy genre. More »

Science Fiction's predictions for the year 2012

We've all seen the predictions - both fictional and pseudoarchaeological - that the world will end in 2012. But while some of science fiction's predictions for the year 2012 are apocalyptic, some are merely disastrous More »

District 9 has supercharged African science fiction movies

There's a fascinating roundup in Variety of all the African science fiction films in development now, and the success of 2009's District 9 apparently has a lot to do with it. More »

Is Supernatural finally turning into the X-Files?

On last night's episode of Supernatural, "Adventures in Babysitting," the show seemed to plunge into full X-Files mode. Mostly this was because Bobby's "fatherly advice" role was taken over by Frank, the paranoid, Lone Gunman-esque guy who helped the brothers get spy-proof laptops in a previous... More »

Creepy abandoned doll factory will haunt your nightmares

Is there anything creepier than a creepy doll? How about an abandoned factory filled with the dingy remains of creepy dolls? In Spain sits one the most unnerving ruined place you'll see today. This Spanish factory manufactured porcelain-faced bisque dolls, and boxes of the miniature Frankenstein's... More »

Deadly gamma-rays from an exploding star might have caused a mass extinction

In theory, a supernova thousands of light-years away could release gamma-rays that would fry most life on Earth. But the star must be positioned exactly right for this to ever happen, and there's no way to prove it. More »

Meet Vermin Supreme, the presidential candidate who will fund time travel research

For the last several decades, boot-headed performance artist Vermin Supreme has been running for political office on the platforms of zombie awareness and mandatory dentifrice for all Americans. Vermin "Love" Supreme - More »

Is the Norwegian horror movie Thale the next Troll Hunter?

Never trust a gorgeous woman with a cow tail. Check out the brand new trailer about an enchanted beast from Norwegian folklore centered around the dangerous and sexy creature known as the huldra. More »

When Star Wars droids suffer from low self-esteem

Even robots get the blues sometimes. When the Star Wars droids start feeling the ennui tugging at the edges of their consciousness, do they simply bottle up their melancholy? More »

Masked Ninja Turtle beanie keeps your face warm, awesome

If you've been hunting for the perfect accessory for those cold-weather pizza parties, consider this handmade Ninja Turtles beanie. The adjustable mask lets you live out your mutant sewer-dweller fantasies. More »