The original Blade Runner Sketchbook, containing concept art for Ridley Scott's classic film, has long been out of print. But fortunately, one fan decided to put his entire copy online, so the rest of the Internet can enjoy a black-and-white journey through Rick Deckerd's dystopian future.

One of the particularly wonderful things about the Blade Runner Sketchbook, which includes commentary and art from Scott, Syd Mead, and other Blade Runner concept artists, is that it includes some items that didn't make it into the film. For example, we get a peek at the Cryo-Crypt where the Tyrell chairman is attempting to preserve his body indefinitely. As if there weren't already enough versions of Blade Runner, now we can dream up additional scenes inside this futuristic burial chamber.

Read the entire Blade Runner Sketchbook online. [via ComicsAlliance]