Last year wasn't a great year for science fiction and fantasy on television — but thank the sky beast, 2012 looks like it could be way better. With a new horror series, a J.J. Abrams time-traveling mystery, and more Game of Thrones, this year might redeem television after all. Plus find out all the new fall pilots, including The Munsters and a new American version of the British teen-superpowers show Misfits.

Here's our complete guide to all the shows to look forward to on television in 2012.

Already Premiered

What: The hotter Winchester brother is stuck in past this week — prepare the Untouchables hats and Tommy Guns!
Where: The CW

Vampire Diaries
What: Jeremy has left his sister to deal with Klaus all on her own (after Damon compelled him to). So much drama to fill this vampire diary. It's like West Side Story, only with hybrids! Also back: Secret Circle, on the same night
Where: The CW

Clone Wars - Midseason Premiere
What: Clone Wars returns, and Katee Sackhoff is playing a Mandalorian. Check out a clip from last week's premiere above.
Where: Cartoon Network

Once Upon A Time - Midseason Premiere
What: Fairy-tale characters are stuck in GOD AWFUL Maine. Now it's up to a long-faced lass from Snow White's womb to crack the curse, thus allowing the creatures back into fantasyland. The Midseason premiere aired last night — it's all witchy head dresses and CG crickets from here on out.
Where: ABC


Person of Interest - Midseason Premiere
What: Sexy Jesus and Ben Linus fight crime with the help of a precognitive computer.
Where: CBS
When: January 12th

Fringe - Midseason Premiere
What: Peter goes back into the alternate universe, to ask Walternate for help. That's going to turn out well.
Where: Fox
When: January 13th

Adventure Time - Midseason Premiere
What: What time is it? It's time for a brand new episode of Adventure Time — thank goodness, we only had to wait a whole month!
Where: Cartoon Network
When: January 13th

Alcatraz - New Series Premiere
What: J.J. Abrams' next big twisty TV series. Former Alcatraz Island prisoners (who allegedly died decades ago) start popping up in the present day, to perform grisly deeds. Det. Rebecca Madsen is hot on the time traveling prisoners trail, with help from Dr. Diego "Doc" Soto (Lost's Jorge Garcia) and the not-so-helpful Emerson Hauser (Sam Neill). We're judging this on the Abrams 50/50 scale because when he's good he's very, very good — but when he's bad, he's horrid.
Where: Fox
When: January 16th

Being Human - Season Premiere
What: The Americanized supernatural Three's Company is back, with double the angst and triple banter. Aidan's the new chief vampire of Boston (but not for long), Josh has Nora to deal with and Sally is adapting to a ghostly life forever stuck in limbo on Earth.
Where: Syfy
When: January 16th

Archer - Midseason Premiere
What:Burt Reynolds cameo! Burt Reynolds cameo! The season is back with a very big star who is currently dating the head of secret spy team ISIS. Wonder what Archer will think about this?
Where: FX
When:January 19th

Mary Shelley's Frankenhole - Season Premiere
What: An exceptionally messed up paper crafty. puppet-esque show based around the shenanigans of Dr. Frankenstein. It's now a part of our must-watch list.
Where: Adult Swim
When: January 22, 2012


Doomsday Preppers - Season Premiere
What: A team of experts inspect Doomsday Fanatics' shelters, and decide whether or not they'll outlive us all, or if they're just wasted a lot of cash.
Where: National Geographic Channel
When: February 7th

The River - New Series Premiere
What: A Steve Irwin type explorer (Bruce Greenwood), who traveled the world on camera with his family, has gone missing. Now it's up to his mother and pissed off son (played by the great Joe Anderson) to track him down, on the Amazon (followed by a camera crew, naturally). This series is created by Oren Peli, so expect plenty of jump scares.
Where: ABC
When: February 7th

The Walking Dead - Midseason Premiere
What: From the looks of the promos, the spring season picks up right where the fall left off. Which probably means a whole lot more talking. Just let Shane off his crazy leash now, please!
Where: AMC
When: February 12th

Comic Book Men - New Series Premiere
What: Kevin Smith does what he does best — screams about comic books.
Where: AMC
When: February 12th


Touch - New Series Premiere
What: Kiefer Sutherland plays a former journalist turned luggage handler, whose wife was killed in the September 11 attacks. And then it turns out his son, Jake, an autistic and mute boy, can predict the future.
Where: Fox
When: March 19th. Special sneak preview on Wednesday, January 25th.


Game of Thrones - Season Premiere
What: Blood and War! The new season of Game of Thrones continue the struggle for the Iron Throne with double the bloody deaths, and triple the war. Who will survive? Who knows, with George R.R. Martin at the wheel.
Where: HBO
When: Sometime in April

Robot Chicken - Season Premiere
What: The claymation characters return. After rounding out its 100th episode this week, Robot Chicken will be taking a little break until this Spring. Prediction for the new season: lots of claymation shame sex and fart jokes!
Where: Adult Swim
When: April 1st

To Be Announced:

What: A man spends his life trapped between two alternate realities. After a terrible crash detective Michael Britten (played by Draco Malfoy's dad, Jason Isaacs) wakes up in two realities, one where his wife died in the car crash but son survived. And another, where his son died but wife lived. He parts his time wandering (out of his control) in between the two worlds. This drama series has a lot of hype surrounding it, mostly praising Isaacs. We're very excited to see this series sometime this Spring!
Where: NBC
When: TBA (towards the end of the Winter Season)

How To Train Your Dragon
What: Toothless and Hiccup return with plenty of new dragons and equally adorable adventures. Scratch that dragon tummy!
Where: Cartoon Network
When: Sometime in 2012

Green Lantern Animated Series
What: A slick animated series about the space cops, guided by Bruce Timm.
Where: Cartoon Network
When: Sometime in the Spring

Tron Uprising
What: An animated tale of the uprising that happened before Tron Legacy.
Where: Disney XD
When: Sometime in the summer of 2012

Fall Pilots:

Beautiful People:

An imaginative and thematically rich ensemble "what if" drama set 10 minutes in the future, where families of mechanical human beings exist to service the human population — that is until some of the mechanicals begin to "awaken." Michael McDonald (Cougar Town, MADtv) is the writer and executive producer, Robert M. Sertner (Revenge, No Ordinary Family) is the executive producer and Stephen Hopkins (Californication, Shameless) directs the pilot. Beautiful People is from Universal Television and ABC Studios.

Where: NBC

The Munsters

From writer-executive producer Bryan Fuller (Pushing Daisies, Heroes), The Munsters is an imaginative reinvention of The Munsters as a visually spectacular one-hour drama from Universal Television. Bryan Singer (X-Men: First Class, House) is the director of the pilot and an executive producer; John Wirth (Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles) also is an executive producer.

Where: NBC


A comedy centering on an otherwise normal middle-class family that wrestles with the challenges of everyday life while raising a daughter (Sophia Mitri Schloss, Grimm) who has magical abilities. Abigail Mavity and Skyler Gisondo also star. Howard Busgang (The Closer, Boy Meets World) and Tom Nursall (Single White Spenny) are the executive producers and writers. Todd Holland (Malcolm in the Middle) directs the pilot and is an executive producer. Karey Burke (Free Agents), Aaron Kaplan (Terra Nova) and Jocelyn Deschenes also are executive producers. Isabel is produced by Universal Television, Kapital Entertainment and Sphere Media.

Where: NBC

Save Me:

A woman who lets herself go while in a broken marriage goes through a transformation where she becomes the best version of herself and creates miracles along the way. The single-camera project is from Sony Television and Original Film & Television. John Scott Shepherd (The Days) is the writer-executive producer and Scott Winant (Breaking Bad, True Blood, Californication) is the director and executive producer. Neal Moritz (The Big C, Prison Break) and Vivian Cannon (The Big C) also are executive producers.

Where: NBC

Co-written by Gossip Girl's Josh Schwartz and the UK series creator Howard Overman, this series is about a group of community service kids who all get super powers after exposure to an electrical storm. It's just about the most popular series on Hulu right now, so we can understand why someone would want a reboot. And the fact that Schwartz is working with Overman, that's just icing on the mutant kid cake! Still no word on exactly where this series will land, but with Schwartz close relationship with CW plenty of folks are assuming the teen supers will find a home there.

All NBC pilot synopsis taken from NBC via Futon Critic.