Could this be the most horrific concept art ever created for a kiddie show? Artist Eric Canete developed these nightmarish visions for a new revival of the Cartoon Network series Ben 10, but he tweeted that they'll probably never be used "because it'll scare your childrens." No freaking kidding.

Check out more of Canete's creations below. And I hope you weren't planning on sleeping any time soon.


These images come from Canete's Twitter stream, via Chris Sims at Comics Alliance, who writes:

For a lot of his designs, Canete's strategy seems to be to take something people are already afraid of and make it even scarier.

It's true that there are a lot of weird animal parts and extra teeth and bulbous eyes jammed together into horrific packages here. But there's also some other elements, like weird amorphous shapes, things that might be brains or might be just weird fibers on top of a creature's skull, and a lot of sharp edges and drool. Basically, the complete package. Here's some more of horrific Canete's revolting designs, and check out much more of his art over at his site.