How does one build a single turret that a grown man can scale up, aided only by a hair rope, without the whole thing toppling over? Kate Bernheimer and Andrew Bernheimer have created a fascinating series over at Design Observer, where a batch of slick architects and designers have plotted out the blueprints for various fairy tale abodes. Let's start with Rapunzel by Guy Nordenson and Associates.

Jack and the Beanstalk designed by Leven Betts with Bret Quagliara, complete with the chicken that could lay golden eggs.

Baby Yaga designed by Bernheimer Architecture. If you're not familiar with the Yaga legend, here's a quick explanation from Design Observer:

"Baba Yaga is one of the most impressive figures in Russian folklore. An old woman with witch-like powers, she flies in a huge mortar, using the the pestle as a rudder, or sometimes on a broomstick."

And here's her chicken leg house:

[Via The Mary Sue]