If you're a comic book character, chances are you don't age at a normal rate (unless you're the Punisher or a character in Love and Rockets). Still, that hasn't stopped artist Ilias Kyriazis from taking the tots, tykes, and tweens of the Marvel Universe today and imagining where they'll be 15 years down the road. Here's his conception of the Avengers of 2027 A.D.

I like how Kyriazis' team draws from characters all across the Marvel Universe. I also appreciate the quirky details, such as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage's daughter being trained by Iron Fist and Valeria Richards' jury-rigged Ultimate Nullifier. Here's his full roster, and we've included some of his nifty design notes below.

The daughter of Quicksilver and Crystal, leader of the Inhumans. She's addicted to the Terrigen Mists and she's been exposed to them again and again. Who knows what powers she possesses now beyond her visual empathy? I tried to give her a slightly Kirby-esque costume.


[Quentin Quire] wears the old school uniform (he always did like retro clothes), with purple instead of blue to reflect Magneto's teachings too. He's still a jerk though, hitting on Luna only because he wants to be able to brag that he nailed Magneto's granddaughter.



Her costume has a similar cut to her mother's original Jewel one, a yellow and green color scheme like her uncle's and her weapon of choice, chains, is a nod to her father (as is her kidda-like-a-tiara haircut).

[Molly Hayes from the Runaways'] costume is a mixture of the most typical superhero-y design she could think of (with nods to Cap and Spider-man) and the street clothes she's gotten so used in wearing in her earlier adventures.


The daughter of Mr Fantastic and Invisible Woman [...] Her costume is a hi-tech version of the original Fantastic Four uniform with the cowl she's expected by her Latverian subjects to wear.

The son of Tigra and a Skrull Hank Pym impostor [...] He can morph into all types (and sizes, wink, wink) of cats and cat-like creatures, from a giant lion-monster to an army of alley cats. His costume has elements from both Skrull and Cat People cultures.


[Ilias Kyzriazis via Project Rooftop]