You've seen the preview for The Dark Knight Rises and read the synopsis of the teaser footage. Now check out over twenty scenes from the latest trailer with annotations. Anne Hathaway loves symbolism!

Possible spoilers.

Let's start with the kid singing "The Star-Spangled Banner" at the Gotham City Rogues football game. Note that they're playing the Rapid City Monuments. I had no idea the second-largest city in South Dakota had its own professional football team. Also, is that the Robin logo?

The next scene of interest is Bruce Wayne limping around with a cane looking haunted as shit. Those eight years of crime-fighting since The Dark Knight have surely put him through the wringer. This syncs up with Alfred's observation that he hasn't been able to protect Bruce.

The Mayor (Nestor Carbonell) and Jim Gordon are at what appears to be a memorial service for Harvey Dent. Are the police brass referring to Jim Gordon as a "war hero" because he's cleaned up this town or because Bruce has hung up the cowl? Remember, everyone thinks Batman is a murderer.

Selina Kyle has worn cat ears to Bruce Wayne's weird, rose-petal-raining Eyes Wide Shut party. Do they wiggle with her mood? This is an obvious allusion to Kite Man. Meredith also notes that this scene is shades of the dance from Batman Returns.

Almost every single Gotham police officer is in a narrow hallway. Something tells me the GCPD will be critically understaffed for most of the film.

Please observe how absurdly thick Tom Hardy's neck is. Anyone who's seen Bronson knows this is a good thing.

More Kite Man paraphernalia. Also, Selina warns Bruce, "You and your friends better batten down the hatches." Oy! Sinister puns! Class warfare! Why don't we just get Arnold Schwarzenegger back to toss some icy barbs?

Jim Gordon narrowly avoids an explosion. I'm guessing this has to do with his hospital stay in the first trailer.

It looks like a hotel is getting sacked by Selina's gang. Or is it Bane's gang?

Nevermind, this is Bane's gang: paramilitary creeps and prisoners.

Bruce Wayne — showing some grey hairs — takes a pilgrimage to what appears to be The Monastery of Ten-Thousand Stairs.

In what is quite possibly the luckiest interception in NFL history, the Gotham City Rogues player Ward evades his stadium's new crater. The field got incepted! Could this strange device be the cause? Also, is that player's jersey a shout to Burt Ward? Will he become Batman's ward like some sort of DC Comics-branded NFL SuperPro?

UPDATE: Many of the more gridiron-knowledgable commenters have noted that this is Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward, who we can now expect to see in Inception 2: The Reception.

Bane addresses an unmasked, injured Bruce Wayne. "When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die," he huffs. We get a great look at his drug-delivery mask.

A resplendent Marion Cotillard as Wayne Enterprises board member Miranda Tate (or so she claims).

"Hi, I'm Bruce Wayne. You may remember me from such films as The Machinist."

This Kite Man chapeau gives Anne Hathaway the powers of flight. Also, Bruce Wayne rapeled down a building, but that shot was too blurry to be interesting.

Finally, a shot of Batman. Is that an EMP launcher we see? Someone's been playing Arkham City.

Bane's Power Wheels blows up a Tumbler. His truck was spotted in Los Angeles earlier in the fall.

Are these League of Shadows assassins abseiling down the Wayne Manor's well?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Gotham cop, John Blake, who I'm guessing will be thrust into the world of Bat-madness with the GCPD understaffed. Is he playing this arcane character from Batman mythology?

Bane and Bats duke it out at Gotham City Hall, while (what I'm guessing is) Bane's Tumbler fires into the crowd. We saw this scene being filmed in Pittsburgh during the summer.

Some ninjas drop by StairWorld. Is this from the flashbacks featuring a young Ra's al Ghul? Apropos of nothing, I wonder how they'll explain where the Joker went.

Finally, we close out with a scene of the Batwing chasing two camo Tumblers. We saw this during the summer as well.