Being an imaginary astronaut doesn't require much in the way of materials goods — just an unerring love of the cosmos and occasional access to a cardboard box. But if your interplanetary imagination needs a little boost, 826's Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company offers products to keep your spacefaring alter ego safe during your imagined adventures.

826 National is a nonprofit co-founded by writer Dave Eggers that helps children with expository and creative writing. Each 826 outlet has a different theme and sells relevant genre products: Brooklyn's Superhero Supply, LA's Echo Park Time Travel Mart, Boston's Bigfoot Research Center, DC's Museum of Unnatural History. The Seattle-based Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company offers space-themed products to spark the imagination, everything from globes of the moon and Mars to chaos in a jar. Just remember, no amount of good design or cheeky copy is an effective substitute for an overactive brain.

[Greenwood Space Travel Survival Company via Super Punch]

Planetary Puppy — easy to pack and already primed for life in zero gravity. Just remember that if it takes a spacewalk unprotected, it will explode as readily as a real puppy.

Cherry-Scented Diversion Deployment System — because no space-age claim jumper can resist rings of cherry-scented fog.

Panic Button — highly visible and easy to install. Not guaranteed to summon anyone who can actually help alleviate your panic.

Russian Space Pencil — just as effective as the American Space Pen without millions spent on R&D.

All-Purpose Repair Kit — handy for making clothing, repairing space shuttles, and telling jokes about the Force.

Lunar Globe — just in case your space phone can't access Google Moon.

Black Hole Starter Kit — for advanced imaginary spacemen only.

Canister of Dark Matter — contents cannot be directly observed.

Chaos in a Jar — contains actual chaos (in the form of ball bearings).