Remember Ordos City, that ritzy urban planning project in the Gobi Desert where most people can't afford to live? Design firm MAD Architects recently completed the blob-like local museum. I repeat — the Chinese government commissioned a museum that looks sort of like a bashful Shai-Hulud in a chichi desert ghost town. If you build it, will they come?

Above is a video of the museum by MAD, and here are photos of its interior and exterior by Iwan Baan. Witness the incredibly rosy synopsis of this project:

[The] Ordos Museum was designed to be the new irregular nucleus for the new town, to encourage the history and culture of Ordos to extend further into the future. The design of the museum was conceived as a reaction to this city plan. It takes the form of a natural, irregular nucleus in contrast with the strict geometry of the masterplan.

[Via Design Boom]