Forget Hershel's farm. When the first signs of the apocalypse hit, you'll want to hightail it to upstate New York, where this serene cottage sits atop a Cold War-era missile silo. And several of its underground rooms are already prepped for luxury bunker living.

In addition to the 2000-square-foot above-ground house, the 2300-square-foot former command center has been converted into an underground living space, complete with windows and simulated sunlight. If you wanted to be especially well-prepared, you could renovate the missile silo itself and create living quarters for your entire post-apocalyptic survival team.

The house is currently on the market for $1.75 million. But can you really put a price on the survival of the human race?

The Perfect House For Surviving A Zombie Apocalypse Is For Sale [Buzzfeed via Neatorama]