There's something fantastical about optical illusions. Whether they're hidden images that only appear after staring, or things that are not what they appear, optical illusions feel like you're peering into another world. So it's especially awesome to see optical illusions that feature science fiction and fantasy themes.

Here are our favorite optical illusions with science fiction and fantasy themes, including a deceptive-looking Mr. Spock, a vegetable Xenomorph, and more.

Top image: Anamorphic Street art by Gregor Wosik, via All Graphical.

Additional reporting by Natalie Baaklini.

A how-to video showing Gregor Wosik creating his anamorphic street art.


And here's Wosik's finished product: a fantasy scene with a pterodactyl and an underwater predator.

The Salad Alien by Till Nowak, via Imaginarium


Close-up of Salad Alien.

Batman and the Penguin by Simon C. Page, via Scene 360


Spider-Man and Green Goblin by Simon C. Page, via Scene 360

The Hollow Face Illusion, as demonstrated by a cool dragon. Via


Terror Subterra by Roger N. Shepard. The two monsters are the same size. View an interactive version at MichaelBach.DE.

The Scary Optical Illusion. Stare at this face for 30 seconds, then look at a blank white sheet of paper. You'll see an image appear. Via Planet Perplex.


Awesome Spock face with "live long and prosper" fingers by Noma, via Scene 360.

10 Optical Illusions in 2 minutes, by Samsung — including an amazing dinosaur robot and a cool spaceship. Via Neatorama.


Roswell Alien Illusion by Rob Sheridan, via Visual Funhouse. Which way is the right way up?


Weird "Ghost Face" in an old photograph. Via Visual Fun House

Anamorphic drawing by Hungarian artist István Orosz. When a reflective tube is placed in the middle of this Raven image...

Advertisement suddenly see an image of Edgar Allen Poe staring at you. Via Visual News


"Magic Mirror" by M.C. Escher.

M.C. Escher's "Relativity" created in LEGOs by Andrew Lipson.


Iskandar, anamorphic (fake 3-D) street art by Kurt Wenner, via All Graphical