It's been many years since the infamous "Why So Serious" and "I Believe in Harvey Dent" Dark Knight virals that had fans running all over America to attend secret clip screenings, and papered the streets with Gotham paraphernalia. Now, at last, it's time to dust off your Christian Bale whisper-scream, because The Dark Knight Rises virals have just begun.

Check out the two first clues below. Spoilers ahead...

The first image is from Wired, the second from Empire. As you can see, it's a Central Intelligence Bulletin for a Dr. Leonid Pavel, who ran a Russian Nuclear facility. Is he evil, is he good? Who knows — in Nolanland, We're all really shades of blood-splattered grey anyway.


Here's a censored transcript seemingly centered around managing the Doctor's security.

Now here are our spoilery suspicions. Earlier, we revealed set pictures of (what we're guessing) was Bane's ultimate doomsday device. The very same bomb-like contraption that Batman hovered around and treated like an explosive device on set, and which had Bane crowing about at a Gotham football game. We're betting this doctor is one of the people behind this weapon. Just a wild guess, but we're not alone!


But until we know more, we're just happy that it's finally viral time as The Dark Knight (and maybe Cloverfield) might be the only major motion film whose ARG was useful rather than just annoying. Until we know more, let's find this man — and shake him down for everything he knows!