DIY toy designer Scott "MegoScott" Adams has assembled what appears to be the most detailed Lost playset ever built. Complete with a pop-up Smoke Monster, an iPod-fueled entertainment rig that plays Professor Chang's training videos and the Dharma Initiative's LP collection, and even creating a prop of Hurley's Green Lantern comic, this display is too ornate for your local toystore.

Explains Adams of this project:

After a year and a half of design and redesign [...] I'm officially unveiling my custom-built Lost Mego Swan Station Playset. When packed up as a carrying case it weighs 20 pounds, and when unfolded and assembled it measures 45x30 and 20 inches tall at the top of the backdrop.

Even though Adams isn't selling this exact playset, he is offering to build smaller Swan backdrops. You can see more photos at Dida Displays and Lost Megos. Hat tip to Zan!

An extensive video tour of the playset.